Palm’s Open Source Portal is now available

10 BY devrel

We are excited to announce the availability of Palm’s open source portal at We’re using Linux and various other open source software in webOS to allow us to accelerate innovation through collaboration with the global community of open source developers.

The benefits of teaming with the open source community come with the important responsibility of ensuring compliance with applicable open source license obligations. For that, we have established a compliance program including:

  • Enforcing open source compliance policy, processes and license obligations;
  • Establishing an internal team to oversee open source compliance;
  • Using a range of commercial and Palm-developed tools to help with the compliance activities including a compliance project management tool, an open source software inventory tool, a code scanning tool, a linkage analysis tool; and
  • Establishing open source internal training to continue to raise awareness and reinforce open source compliance within Palm.

For details about the compliance practices, we will be publishing an article to cover this topic in detail. We will announce when the article is available in this blog and make a copy available for download as well.

From, you can:

  • Learn how to contact the open source team
  • Download the various open source components we are making available along with our modifications
  • Download a copy of the latest open source license file that includes a listing of open source software used, along with their respective licenses and notices.

Stay tuned as we add functionalities to our open source web site to reflect the progress in our open source activities.

Palm Open Source Team

Comments (10)

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  3. Joe Fabeetz says:

    What good is this nonsense if you still won’t provide the SDK to developers?! Seriously, Palm, you’re losing your chance.

  4. Jonno says:

    So you are releasing code already available on the internet?

    How about releasing the SDK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Duane says:

    Great stuff! The availability of Palm-branded open source libraries for some of the components of WebOS will definitely improve the ability to port Linux applications onto the Pre. All we need is the SDK!

  6. Radi says:

    At first glance, I thought that Palm was going to invite developers to write open source apps for their web os. Another great reason in favor of webOs – it is Linux based!
    Silly me! It’s only the GPL software they used and they just have to give away.

    Still no SDK or free information about web os, only that book I am supposed to buy. I was so much waiting for an opportunity to write web os apps, but was not allowed to and still am not allowed to.

    I don’t need another closed and proprietary device – for that there is the iPhone. I will use my Tx as long as it works and serves me. After my 12 year Palm relationship I am saying: good bye, Palm!

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  8. DBoosalis says:


    Any news as to when your SDK will be released. And what about open source compilers. I did not see gcc in your list of open source products. Are you using a proprietary compiler ?

  9. Benjamin says:

    When will the SDK be released? You have developers beating down you door to get the SDK, yet it hasn’t been released. The phone is out already. I bought the original Palm to develop on and wrote a few applications. I was going to buy the Palm Pre, but I am not because there is no SDK to make owning a Pre worth it. I want to get my applications rewritten to use on the Pre and will buy a Pre to develop on when the SDK is released. If I jump the gun and by a Pre now, we may find out that Palm never will release an SDK for regular developers. I am not risking a hardware purchase before an SDK is released.

    Until then, I may as well write apps for the Android platform instead. I’m not writing Palm apps anymore since everything is going to the new Web OS platform.

    Can we at least get a release date on the SDK? It’s Palm’s silence on this issue that is causing you to lose third party developers. At least tell us what is going on.

  10. Steve says:

    So, all this talk of open-source makes me take a step back.
    Will we be able to sell the apps we write for your OS, or will everything be a give away?

    Thanks for any info.