Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer to lead Developer Relations team at Palm

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Palm has a long history of creating innovative platforms with rich opportunities for developers. Over the years, we’ve sparked the creation of tens of thousands of applications, offering our customers a vast range of options and creating huge opportunities for our developer community.

Now that our exciting Web-based platform, Palm webOS, is ready for developers, the time was right to ramp up our Developer Relations team, to ensure the best possible developer experience. When we sat down to think about the type of person that needed to lead this team, two things were clear: we needed real developers at the helm, and they needed to be developers with a deep understanding of the Web environment.

I’m incredibly excited to announce that we have found two rare individuals to help us lead this charge. As of today, Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer are joining Palm to run the Developer Relations group. These guys have been in the community forever. They founded, a great community built around leading-edge Web development. More recently, they worked together at Mozilla to create some revolutionary forward-looking developer tools, such as Bespin, an innovative Web-based coding environment.

When I first met them, I instantly appreciated the passion that they had for the Web, and their desire to do great things to engage and excite developers. I expect them to think big and work diligently to make Palm webOS a platform you love to be a part of, and also one that helps you grow your business.

Join me in welcoming them to the fold, and also join us as we begin to take the wraps off what we know will be an exciting and compelling developer program.

They have both written on their personal blogs about the start of their journey at Palm. A lot of you already know them so you’ll enjoy reading what Dion and Ben have to say. (You can also connect with them on Twitter: @bgalbs and @dalmaer.)

Katie Mitic
SVP, Product Marketing

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  1. Brad Neuberg says:

    What a steal! Dion and Ben are amazing. I can’t wait to see what everyone over in Palm’s Developer Relations team comes up with!

    Brad Neuberg
    Developer Relations, Google