Paid Applications Coming to webOS in Europe

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Following the launch of the e-commerce program in the U.S., we are excited to announce that the European e-commerce program is planned to go live in March 2010. The e-commerce program has been tremendously successful in the U.S., with about 600 new paid apps available in just 2 months, and the extension to Europe gives developers a compelling new opportunity to distribute and monetize their apps. In Europe, Palm Pre is currently available in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Germany, providing excellent opportunities for developers to do business in multiple large markets.

The general app catalog model is not new, but what we’re doing with it is. The Palm developer program extends the unique web orientation of the Palm webOS platform, providing developers innovative opportunities to leverage the web as a promotional channel for applications. We offer greater freedom and choice of how to get your applications to market and unparalleled control to promote and grow your business. For developers looking to make money, it’s all about speed, promotion, and reacting to customer feedback. Our platform gives you greater access to customers and faster cycle times to make higher-quality, compelling applications.

If you have an app you’d like to submit for consideration for the European e-commerce program, please send an email to stating your interest and giving details about your company and your application using the following format:
In the subject of your email put your company followed by the name of your application. For example:

  • Subject: My Company – My Application
  • In the body of your email, include the following:
    • Your Palm webOSdev user name
    • Details of person to contact
      • Name
      • Direct telephone
      • Mobile telephone
      • Email
    • Company Details:
      • Address
      • Company telephone
      • Web page
    • A description of your application
    • What price (in Euros) you intend to charge for your application when we start the e-commerce program

Our web page at covers all the aspects required to make a compelling and successful application. We urge you to get started now so you can get the earliest access and be among the first to get paid for your apps in Europe.

Comments (34)

  1. Kelvin Wong says:

    Yeah, tell that to the poor kids in APAC whose app catalog now only shows classic emulator in 1.3.1 using the german unlock pre.

  2. Dave says:

    Is there news about more established markets, like Canada? Will Canadians see paid apps any time soon? If not, can we expect a blog post explaining the issues restricting the catalogue?

  3. Guru Cube says:

    I’m surprised this doesn’t have any current WebOS user comments already.

    The fact that we (non-US users) don’t have access to the full App-Catalog is poor, to say the least. And that is an understatement. The fact that it will now be a further 2-2.5 months? Unacceptable.

    I’m sure there must be Palm employees who monitor the owner forums and such places and must realise how disappointed people are becoming. This kind of performance will just disillusion your owners and eventually drive them away. Those people considering the Pre/Pixi will probably look to go with Apple or Android for their well established systems.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is great news that we will see full access. What makes this article even worse is the fact that you don’t tell us why it has taken so long, what will still take 2 months, and just fill the article with ‘management speak’ and business cliches.

  4. JT says:

    As for me, I couldn’t agree more. I gave the Palm Pre a fair chance. I was promised a soon to be filled app catalog, a quick software update bringing tethering, Exchange sync and new features to the Pre and much more by O2 employees when I bought my Pre. I even started developing four apps (one of which I already submitted to Palm) BUT it took Palm 1 1/2 months to bring Europe up to speed two weeks after they released the new software update in the US (by then we were three software versions behind). To make it worse, a new restriction came along with the software update, cutting the number of apps down to about 10% of what we had access to before the software update. We were expecting access to paid apps, not being locked out of the app catalog almost completely. Furthermore while the US got full Yahoo integration we only get contacts, not instant messaging. Why? All this without a single word of Palm on the reasons for all this and without any word on when to expect a fix for all this.

    Now the US get another software update, Europe stays behind again and all we get is a promise for everything to change in March… I’m sorry but my personal deadline was New Year’s eve. I love the Pre for the potential it has, but there are just too many, too good alternatives on the market right now. I have switched my Pre for an Android phone two days ago and I bet I’m not the only one.

    The reasons is mainly the fact how Palm decided to treat us European customers, and how they hide behind a wall of silence as those customers complain.

    Sorry Palm!

  5. Capape says:

    I’m a Palm Pre owner in Spain, and I’m very discontented because lack of paid apps in Europe. Palm App Catalog is working intermittently, sometimes is impossible to download free applications.

    Also we have not the last WebOS update. We are living with WebOS 1.3.1.

    Palm is not doing things right in Europe.

  6. Martin says:

    Maybe opening the market for paid apps to Europe takes a little bit longer than doing the same thing for the US market because of legal reasons and different payment behavior of the people. But what I really don’t understand is the publication policy by Palm – 50$ per application submitted to the AppCatalog, thats a no-go.

    If Palm wants to survive this, they have to compete with Apple and that in terms of pricing and publishing tools.

  7. Ricky says:

    I bought a pre to replace my failing two year old TX. Now I learn that the battery omly lasts a few days, there’s only limited memory for apps and most of the apps I can get are American based. I can’t even get a decent European newspaper app. Why advertise a top of the range all singing all dancing device that only knows one song (and plays that out of tune). I love the Pre, it’s a brilliant phone, but at the moment that’s all it is. An IPhone competitor? I don’t think Apple are losing any sleep at the moment!

  8. Steve says:

    Nobody seems to be able to answer for Canada. I give it until Friday before I get a phone that has some functionality. Not just apps (the US has over 750+ more apps than we do), but basic features like voice dialing now that we are banned from using a phone in the car. Using Bluetooth without voice dialing is pointless, as it is illegal to dial as well.

    It sucks to have redone my Bell contract to get the ‘phone that does it all’ only to have to shell out another $400 (ontop of the $200 for the handset) to cancel it and go with an Android based phone.


  9. Robert Hurst says:

    I’m getting mad now, why the hell don’t Canadians have access? I feel like were getting left behind up here, and I’m starting to think about moving on to an iPhone.

  10. Hank van der Graaf says:

    As a Palm GSM owner I am very disappointed with Palm not to have a Palm Pre GSM version for Canada, are we not entitled to these phones what happened to free trade, Canada is one of the biggest trade partners for the US, but we have no acces to a GSM version. I guess that I as well as so many other Canadians will have to switch to either Apple or the Android phones THANKS PALM!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Marcello says:

    “Is regrettable the treatment for Europeans users.”

    I completely agree.
    Please solve this. Thanks.

  12. tim.h says:

    shame on you….here I sit in CANADA ,exactily 3months after buying my phone 3month plan with BELL. It’s january 10/2010 the CES is over….exciting news, news games ,video capability and more to come…. but I feel ripped off with not getting my PAID apps like the US. I went against the grain at my office ( black berrys and IPhones ) I flip my cards and the Iphone guys laugh at my apps…….come on already give up our true Palm pre…..let my phone shine like I know it can….I love this phone and want to hold it proud in my circle of work and friends …..please post an update on this issue

  13. tim.h says:

    sorry that was supposed to read…my 3 year paln with bell canada ….don’t make them long years ……palm

  14. Joseph says:

    Can Canadians get a straight answer from Palm on why Canadians don’t have access to paid apps? We are on the same WebOS version as our counterparts south of the border so why are we being left in the dark?

  15. anonym says:

    Sorry Palm, but this has to be said:
    A european customer policy without Updates is a pain in the ass!

  16. Wim says:

    Good thing that Palm start thinking of Europe, however they should realise that the unlocked Pre can be bought by any European, as I did. I’m Belgian and thanks to the 1.3.1 firmware I could create a profile and use my Pre in Belgium.

    As such only opening the app catalog to countries where the Pre is sold is a sad decision from my point of view. Why allow users to use the phone on any network by explicitely opening up the settings through a firmware upgrade, but not the app catalog???

    Jon Rubinstein proudly announced that Web OS 1.4 will be brought to “every pre and pixi on the planet”, why not the app catalog? I for one am eagerly awaiting Palm to open the app catalog for the entire planet without any discrimination…


  17. Matt Payne says:

    I think it is time to have Palm re-tool their marketing department.
    Palm wonder’s why they have not taken more market share.
    How can we improve sales, they ask them selves?
    Restrict memory size.
    Don’t have apps ready for the launch.
    Do not release apps under a year of a phone launch.

    What ever we do, allow carriers to put the boots to our dedicated users out there.
    Allow them to sell the unit for what ever monetary value they choose.

    Looks like a winner to me.

    Oh I left out something.
    If you cannot actually say something constructive i.e.

    Currently paid apps are only available for the continental US at this time. We hope to have the app catalog and those apps expanded to other areas such as Canada in the future but at this time we are bound to this limitation.

    Do not say anything at all.
    Politics has a grip on Palms throat.
    Air is running out.

  18. Dima says:

    I live in Ukraine. Will European e-commerce program work with European countries like Russia and Ukraine?

  19. Tom says:

    I used to be a Palm afficionado but when people see my Pre and say “wow”, I just say don’t bother. It’s rubbish until the apps are there. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool / market destroyer.

  20. ki says:

    I bought this phone over the iphone with the expectation the App Catalog would be available or at least be opened shortly to consumers in Canada. It’s been 5 months and nothing has happened.. no word even from Palm.

    I dont want to go to Apple, but it’s very poor marketing and service delivery from Palm that is going to force me to.

  21. chris says:

    Palm have got it all wrong. No paid apps yet outside the US, a new model out in the US after 3 months of the ‘old’ Pre out in Europe, no big apps from the like of Skype, BBC, Transport for London etc etc and a big fuss over the 3d games for……..US owners only. Time is running out for Palm, with all the fuss they are making now i hope to see a big difference by March or i will drop the Pre and move elsewhere.

  22. Mark says:

    Please don’t disappoint countries like The Netherlands, where lots of people got an unlocked Palm Pre from Germany. They are your free marketing machine promoting your phone everywhere on forums in these countries…until now. Don’t leave them out! Especially not without a very good explanation!

  23. Adam says:

    Goodness, and I almost got a Pre in london yesterday, really pleased I thought about it overnight, then found this, is there still no 1.4 or paid app? Its such a shame, as the UI is great. also the fact there’s a possibility of a Pre + why would anyone no get a normal Pre in europe? of to get a 3GS me thinks!

  24. Simon says:

    It made me laugh when I read today on engadget that Palm had announced that expected revenues for the fiscal year would be far less than previously announced. Apparently it was said to be because of slower than expected customer adoption and I can understand why.

    In Europe especially you have treated all your customers as second rate customers. We waited months for the phone to be released. What was originally announced was a phone better than anything apple had to offer. By the time you let us have access to it, they had shown you the way yet again, even Android had better handsets available. I am sorry but the Pre Plus is too little too late and hey, in the uk we will be lucky to have access to it by the end of this year by which time yet again it will be obsolete as is my Pre already. Hey it can multitask, but seriously there are only so many thing it can actually do, and it is so laggy. I’m sorry but in this case being an early adopter has made me realise how little Palm understand about the mobile market. You lost your chance.

    Your software updates are a joke, maybe if we were being provided them at a comparitive rate to the people in America it would be kind of acceptable, but we both know that isn’t how Palm work. Then there is the concept of a Paid app catalogue. Apple has one, Android has on, Palm has one (not in Europe they don’t) it is an abasolute joke.

    Jon Rubenstein, I laugh in your face. I may have wasted an 18 month contract by signing up for a Pre, a massive mistake if you ask me. Your companies stupidity in treating the European market as second rate customers may have cost your company a lot more. You had a chance to compete and you have thrown it away.

    Expecting you to upgrade all european phones to the Pre Plus would be a little arrogant, but please, do the right thing and give as our software updates in a timely manner, and sort out the European App catalogue before time runs out and any hope of competing is dead.

  25. Thunder says:

    Ok, we’re here in March now – maybe Euro pre owners can start to enjoy the excitement of a full app catalogue? Me, I’m nervously atwitch with anticipation! I love the pre – the new 1.4 update is fantastic, giving a big improvement in performance.

    Now for that full app catalogue – come on Palm, let’s have ‘em! :)

  26. Llew Owen says:

    I too am a long term Palm PDA user and I always tell everyone how good the functions are and their integration. However, whist this is an excelent user interface and has great potential. I thought the built in day to day tasks and calendar functions would be on the same level as my Palm PDA. The task functions is too basic and I thought would at least be like an outliner with calendar integration, so I am carrying my old Palm PDA to carry out my tracking checklists which does what I want it to do. I am totally unhappy with the lack of quality paid for applications as my business depends upon it. Waiting for a big update is taking too long and we have a Ferrari without any fuel. I am locked into a two year contract and awaiting the next update. I will be forced to go elsewhere if we do not get quality business apps soon. Frustrated …Fantastic interface a Computer and easy to use. We need outliners with several levels and task several levels and agenda and calendar integration. Unless, I have missed something.

  27. Gavin says:

    A great phone had really high hopes for it. As someone else said I tell anyone who asks its great phone and a joy to use but dont bother it will be dead in less than 2 years. Why so long getting getting apps to Europe, you lot really missed the boat.

  28. Jason says:

    Just a person with little business skill but enough intelligence to see that your company isn’t failing due to poor advertisement or, inadequate training of service personnel. It seems due to the fact that you are alienating customers at a alarming rate. When you advertise something you have to live up to that verbal agreement of providing what your selling. False advertisement is a crime that misleads people into buying something they wouldn’t have bought if told all the facts. You’ll need a lot of luck and hard work to fix this mess you made. Maybe you should have read your forums more then you wouldn’t be stuck in a situation where your shares are downgraded to $0. Oh by the way are you selling the company too? I have 5 bucks.

  29. morrraki says:

    r we german pre owners gonna ever get app catalog working outside uk,germany,ireland or spain?i live in greece and i dont even have acces to the free catalog as well!!if not let me know cause im putting my pre to e bay and switching back to iphone or a droid!!please reply….