Interviewing the Mighty Eagle of Angry Birds as he publishes the game to webOS

3 BY devrel

Peter Vesterbacka has the coolest title right now. He is “Mighty Eagle” of Rovio, the gaming company behind the mega-hit Angry Birds (which has topped the App Store for what feels like an eternity even though it is a matter of months!). The game has burst onto webOS this week, and we had the pleasure of sitting down with Peter for a special Palm Developer Podcast chat about both the experience of having a run away hit, and the experience of bringing it to the webOS platform.

You can probably see how much Ben and I actually enjoy the game ourselves as we talk about it with Peter. The soundtrack lingers in my head even as I write this post :)

If you watch and listen to the podcast you will learn:

  • What Angry Birds is, and the history behind the title (green pigs? why!)
  • How Rovio is a very experienced gaming company
  • The secrets behind the gameplay, and lessons for game developers out there in this regard
  • Thoughts on why the game has been a success, and where they will be taking it from here
  • How they reached out to the webOS community, and how the community responded in force :)
  • How shocking simple it was to actually port the game to webOS

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