Introducing the Palm Mojo SDK early access program.

23 BY devrel

We are happy to announce our new early access program for developers interested in creating applications for the Palm webOSTM. The early access program is an opportunity for developers to test-drive and provide feedback on the Palm MojoTM SDK prior to its public release.

Admission to the program is by application – we’ll admit a small group of developers to start and gradually increase the size of the program as the tools mature. We’d like to let everyone in, but we want to make sure that we can provide a solid development experience and attentive developer support before we scale up. We are eager to get the SDK into developers’ hands and will expand the program as quickly as we can.

The program will continue until the SDK is officially released to the public, at which point any developer will be free to download the SDK. No, we’re not announcing the date that will happen yet.

If you wish to to apply to the early access program, complete and submit this application form. If you want to learn more about the program, we have a page of common questions and answers you can read.

If you’re admitted into the program, you’ll be able to download the Mojo SDK, which includes the tools you need to develop and test apps for the webOS platform. You’ll also have access to the early access program portal, where you’ll find documentation, sample code, and community forums where you can share experiences, tips and tricks with fellow early access developers. Because this is early access, all program participants will be required to accept an SDK Agreement which will require you to maintain confidentiality until the end of the early access program.

We are very excited about the expansion of access to the SDK, and can’t wait to see what you are going to build.

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  21. Aaron says:

    Nearly all of my music is in Ogg Vorbis and my videos are in Ogg Theora format. I was really disappointed to see that the supported formats did not include any of the Xiph codecs ( Will it be possible to add extra codec support to the integrated media player through the SDK? Would it be possible to port a third-party player (one of the GnuLinux ones?) to the platform to play these files (it would be a shame to have to use a third-party program)?
    The question was asked here ( but the blogger suggested that someone ask the question on this blog instead.

  22. William Volk says:

    We launched the LEADING ENTERTAINMENT portal for web-based mobile games on the iPhone and according to Apple, some of the most popular web apps for the device prior to the native app sdk.

    I have applied for this program. It will be INTERESTING to see if Palm gets the value of launching with a suite of quality games.